A letter from 2035. Will We Act in Time? A Portrait and a Path to a Successful Transformation

Bryan Fulbert Nkengfack Tegomoh


Cameroon, with many of the essential ingredients in place to save hundreds of thousands of lives by the 2035 horizon, a skyline of: An Emerging, Democratic and United Country in Diversity. In the medical arena, the vision hinges on identification of population needs, research, and in particular, synchronizing these findings with strategies being put in place by the government. Our view of 2035 is fascinating, lots of amazing breakthroughs, innovations and an array of socially engaged healthcare workers as oppose to the present paradigm. Information Technology (IT) carries amazing promises, really amazing! It’s beguiling to see how e-health digital systems are revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Lots of nations around the world are referring to Cameroon for delicate medical procedures, and we are becoming a worldwide reference. Thanks to the sharp innovations made by the Cameroon healthcare system in concordance with the distinct and yet interwoven roles of government institutions, such as the Ministries of Education, Public Health, Scientific Research and Innovations, Communication, just to name a few, their radical change of strategy has led to the birth of this transformational Cameroon of 2035.

 Now, that’s the virtual image of 2035, the big question is: What can we do now that will secure this vision, and what are we  presently doing or allowing that precludes the realization of this great vision. I don’t have the answers, 2035 has the answers but I have a close friend, Dr J the C of N who knows everything about 2035. These are His recommendations ...

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