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Arhinia is the congenital absence of the nose and nasal structures. It is a very rare affection. It can be isolated or present in the context of a polymalformation syndrome notably of the central nervous system. The pathogenesis is not clearly established. The clinical presentation is characterized by esthetic compromise and respiratory distress of variable degree. Diagnosis is both clinical and radiologic. A propos a case in a newborn, with isolated congenital arhinia, we discuss its pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnostic principles and therapeutic approach.

KEY WORDS: Arhinia, congenital, Yaounde

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Djomou, F., Mindja Eko, D., Meva’a Biouélé, R. C., Ngaba Mambo, O. N., Akon à bidias, C. N., & Ndjolo, A. (2016). Arhinie Congenitale A Yaoundé: A Propos D’un Cas. HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 17(2).

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