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Africa Build is a project supported by the European Union that aims to improve the capacity for health research and education in Africa through information technologies (IT). To achieve this global objective six sub objectives have been defined and grouped into Work packages. The project involves nine partners. We conducted an observational study in which the authors report the working process of the Africa Build project in our University and the teaching hospital. The achievements, the impact, the perspectives and the future actions in our University environment are also presented. The Africa Build project is probably may be a good example of international collaboration.


Health research health education information technology Africa

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Djientcheu, V., Kamga, Y., Bello, F., Ongmeb Boli, A., Noumsi Tchemgui, N. F., Alima, R., & Nko’o Amvene, S. (2013). Building a Sustainable Capacity for Health Research and Education in Africa (Africa Build): How Far in Cameroon?. HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 14(1). Retrieved from


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