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HIV infection is a common disease all over  the world, but particularly in Africa. In order to evaluate the materno-fetal outcome in women with HIV who gave birth by caesarean section, we conducted a cohort study over a period of two years (2011 – 2012 inclusive) at the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit of Yaoundé Central Hospital.


Sampling was consecutive. We included 194 women who delivered by caesarean section. Sixty five(65) were HIV positive and 129 were HIV-negative. Patients were followed up postoperatively at day5, day8 and day12 during appointments for dressings   of  wounds.


The average age was 30.31 years (range: 18-45 years) in the HIV-positive group and 28.47 years (range: 11-44 years) in the HIV negative group, with no significant difference (P = 0.061). The maternal morbidity rate was 27.69% in the HIV positive group against 26.36% in the HIV negative group without any significant difference. This morbidity was dominated by endometritis (8.25%). There was no statistically significant difference  between the occurrence of postoperative endometritis and HIV infection (12.30% against 6.20% p = 0114 CI: 0.471 (0.168 to 1.319). Moreover there was no association between neonatal mortality and morbidity and HIV infection.



Materno-fetal morbidity and mortality were not statistically different in both groups. But   special precautions should be taken because a drop in CD4 count ≤ 350/mm3 increases the rate of postoperative endometritis.

Keywords: outcome, materno-fetal, HIV, caesarean section.

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Fouedjio, H. J., Mbu Enow, R., Fouelifack Ymele, F., Kamga Talom, T., & Wandji Nana, J. (2014). Césarienne chez les Femmes Infectées par le VIH: Pronostic Materno-Fœtal à la Maternité de l’Hôpital Central de Yaoundé. HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 15(3).


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